Amazon SP API for ET-Connector v1.3.77

Amazon selling partner API for ET-Connector


Installations requires minimal steps:

Installation on ET-Connector 11: Add library to classpath


Setup AMAZON SP API app client

Documentation of steps required to setup the app client.

Prerequistes to create the app client

1)  Register as developer by the following steps:

NOTE 1: Don't forget to apply ALL roles and also the roles for restricted data access, see screenshot below

NOTE 2: If you have an existing developer profile and the roles have been not enabled before, apply the newly approved role to your application. Save the changes and re-list the application. After the application is approved, get new authorizations to generate a new refresh token that will grant access to the API operations, reports, feeds and notifications the new role will provide.


2) Apply for PII role to get personal data (invoice address etc.) :

3) Create and configure AMAZON S3 access :

Note the IAM ARN of the ROLE!

Create the app client

1) Goto Seller central


2)  Add a new app client


3) Register the app by giving an arbitrary name


4) Goto Credentials for using SP API

Credentials for using SP API

For the access to SellerCentral you need to create a private app, refer to Setup AMAZON SP API app.

There 3 keys needed to access the AMAZON Selling partner API:

You can get this three keys here:

1) Goto seller cental -> Apps & Services -> Develop apps


2) Get the client ID and client secret by viewing the LWA credentials



3) Get the Authorization-Token under "Authorize". Authorization Token starts with "Atzr..."